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Information of CSUS
Audiology Program

Requirement: 25 observation hours

Audiology Observation Opportunity 

Contact Dr. Charles Sanders:

Important information

GRE TEST*** application requirement by February 


Applicants must submit a resume. Resumes should be no more than two pages and must be uploaded to CSDCAS under “CV/Resume”

Resumes should include the following sections:

  • Educational background

  • Work and/or volunteer experiences, including dates of employment and/or volunteering, time span and hours, job title, and a brief description of responsibilities

The following sections are optional:

  • Recognitions (e.g., Dean’s list, scholarships, leadership positions, etc.)

  • Research experience. Include area or topic, supervisor, responsibilities, and duration.

  • Clinical experience (observation hours should be recorded on the observation hours log). Include site and population, supervisor, nature of the experience, 

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