ELI (English Language Institute)

ELI is a one unit 199 course the CSAD department offers its students. The course provides the opportunity to have an engaging and fun multicultural experience. Collaborating with the English Language Institute (ELI) on campus, students will gain experience with people from a diverse set of backgrounds through hands-on experiences and interactions. 

The course offers two options: Language Partners and Conversation Club. In Language Partners, CSAD students are paired with ELI students. They meet one-on-one once a week for 30 minutes to an hour. Conversation Club takes place at Del Norte Hall #2007 during the ELI students' lunch break. During this time, we take part in fun, interesting activities and discussions. This is a great opportunity for all students, as the ELI students are able to practice their English outside of the classroom, learn about the American culture, and meet people who also attend Sacramento State. CSAD students gain multicultural experience as well as understanding of cultural competency. 

Any questions, please contact Monica Campos at monicac.shdg@gmail.com.

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As a club at Sacramento State, we acknowledge and honor the Nisenan peoples as the traditional caretakers of the unceded land where our university resides.