APRIL 24th - APRIL 30th



Interested in Becoming a 2021-2022



APRIL 16th - APRIL 23rd




Position Descriptions 


  • Leading weekly officer meetings/coordinating the agenda

  • Helping the Vice President plan Tailgate/Holiday Party (COVID pending)

  • Planning the conference

  • Leading monthly general meetings

  • Being the spokesperson for the organization

  • Coordinating with faculty for events

  • Write monthly updates for National NSSLHA

  • Complete Chapter Honors Application for National NSSLHA

  • Assist officers with any other events as needed

Average Hours per week: 10-15

Vice President

  • Work alongside the President to collaborate on tasks and events

  • Manage the general meeting logistics (i.e., booking rooms through SO&L, ensuring the rooms have appropriate technology needed to run the meeting, etc.) (COVID pending)

  • Check the mailbox in the Union weekly (COVID pending)

  • Manage the homecoming tailgate (i.e., organize and plan food, activities, coordinate volunteers for donations, and help on the day of the event) (COVID pending)

  • Manage the holiday party by booking a location, plan decor, activities, and food (COVID pending)

  • Coordinate with the treasurers on the budget

  • Handle and design merchandise orders (chapter and conference) (COVID pending)

  • Collaborate with the President to communicate with and organize the vendors for the conference (COVID pending)

  • Coordinate and design stoles for graduation with the help of the President

Average Hours per week: 10-15


  • Oversee all the money going in and out of the NSSLHA account 

  • Manage and organize members dues

  • If online, managing online paying platforms 

  • Organize and take care of all charity donations 

  • Organize and manage sales for conference, merchandise, and stoles

  • Budget for numerous events or sales that go on within Sac State NSSLHA

Average Hours per week: 8-10



  • Create a membership list

  • Manage Sac State NSSLHA website

  • Manage weekly emails

  • Update member participation sheet

  • Coordinate volunteer list for events

  • Take minutes at each weekly officer meeting and send a copy of the notes to each board member

  • Create sign-up/registration forms for larger events (holiday party/conference)

  • Assist other officers with clerical tasks, as needed

Average hours per week: 10-15

Public Relations Representative

  • Manage all social media accounts, including Instagram and Facebook

  • Take and collect pictures from events

  • Make the NSSLHA video for Junior orientation

  • Create and share flyers for various events as requested by other officers

  • Communicate with outside individuals and organizations to plan events and fundraisers

  • Contact and coordinate vendors for the annual conference

Average hours per week: 3-4

Peer Mentor Coordinator


  • Pairing CSAD undergraduate junior and seniors together through a complete application

  • Organize workshops for seniors, in which they worked through various activities that helped to build their cultural competence

  • Take attendance of PM monthly meetings and workshops

  • Provide guidance to mentor/mentee pairs

  • Create a Google Classroom for the PM program

  • Post/email various reminders and updates

Average Hours per week: 5-10

Audiology Representative

  • Being the spokesperson for all audiology events

  • Cooperation with entire NSSLHA board to establish relationships with students who are focused in speech and audiology

  • Responsible for hosting audiology socials and panels (minimum of two socials per semester)

  • Coordinating an event for Better Hearing and Speech month

  • Coordinate with SAA for audiology events

Average Hours per week: 5-10

Speech and Hearing Diversity Group’s Outreach Coordinator

  • Heading SHDG weekly meetings

  • Recruiting diverse speakers for events

  • Working on inclusion and diversity within the board

  • Planning annual events

  • Reaching out to other diverse communities on campus (ie. Gender Equality Center, MLK Center, Serna Center, etc.)

  • Aiding your fellow NSSLHA and SHDG members in any event planning

Average Hours per week: 6-8

ADCSAD Coordinator

  • Organize, plan, and preside over weekly ASCSAD class

  • Hold class sessions once a week for 50 minutes

  • Hold Conversation Club once a week for 50 minutes

  • Create lesson plans for Conversation Club

  • Pair Language Partners

  • Review monthly reflections

  • Collaborate with students, Dr. Thompson, and the ELI manager

  • Manage SHDG meetings in the absence of the SHDG Outreach Coordinator

  • Collaborate with the SHDG Outreach Coordinator and SHDG Secretary on event planning

Average Hours per week: 6-8 

SHDG Secretary


  • Collaborate with NSSLHA secretaries to create a membership list

  • Update the SHDG webpage at the beginning of Fall semester

  • Create and prepare a Mailchimp account to compose and send weekly SHDG emails to all members and faculty

  • Email correspondence with members, faculty, community, etc.

  • Update and track member participation hours for SHDG events

  • Collaborate with the SHDG Outreach Coordinator on events and volunteer partnerships

  • Take and share SHDG weekly meeting minutes

  • Collaborate with NSSLHA PR Rep for giveaways, and assist with social media posts as needed/desired

Average Hours per week: 6-9

FAQ's About Being a NSSLHA Officer 

  • The Junior Liaison is not involved in any of the interviews or decision making.

  • New officers will be given a binder that has details of what the position does and resources to use to do the position. 

  • You DO NOT need previous leadership position to apply. 

  • Senior NSSLHA members are allowed to vote!

  • Only NSSLHA members can vote.

  • You can apply to 2 positions max.

  • If you are running for a position you can apply to one other position which you don’t campaign for. 

  • You can only campaign for one position.


  • NO talking bad about other candidates. If caught your application will be automatically dropped. 

  • You can make a campaign video if you would like.

April General Meeting