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2020-2021 NSSLHA Officer Candidates

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Voting: April 10th (opens at 8 am) - April 12th (closes at 6 pm)

Only NSSLHA members can vote, but faculty and current board members are excluded. NOTE: family and friends cannot vote, and votes submitted by anyone who is not a current paid member will be discarded.

The voting will be distributed via email to our members and will allow one vote per person only. Members and candidates are not allowed to share the voting link on any social media platforms.


Be sure to check your email for the link to submit your votes, on Friday!




Savannah Pearson

Megan Woods

Shelbi McCauley

Nadine Batakji

Hi there, everyone! My name is Savannah Pearson and I am running for the President position for your CSUS NSSLHA chapter. It has always been a dream of mine to be the first generation to attend and graduate college. There have been multiple experiences I have had that contribute to my passion for speech language pathology, including the privilege of caring for multiple children with speech delays and my father's journey as a stroke survivor. I would highly value the opportunity to serve as President for Sacramento State’s NSSLHA chapter because I take the time to listen to others, I am motivated and passionate about anything I do and most importantly, I want to help others feel included in making the chapter live up to its full potential. I will be running with Shelbi McCauley and we would both greatly appreciate your vote, stingers up!

My name is Megan Elizabeth Woods and I am running for President. Since August, I have dedicated all of my time to our program and I have become an active member in NSSLHA. Through NSSLHA, I have found confidence in my career choice, motivation in our program, and I have created relationships that will last a lifetime. I desire to become President to help show being involved in NSSLHA can be a truly amazing experience for anyone in our program. If you vote for me, I will work to help us all succeed!

Hello all my fellow NSSLHA students! My name is Nadine Batakji, and I want to be your Vice President for the 20-21 school year! From the beginning of the year, this position has caught my eye, ultimately making it a goal to become what I strive for. My drive and determination will help serve everyone no matter their cultural or economic status and also make NSSLHA feel more inclusive and comfortable. My sense of structure and willingness to serve others as well as my community has helped me successfully become the person I am today. Even though us humans, our communities, and surroundings are constantly evolving, my goals and encouragement for the success of this program will always be consistent, and at the top.

Hi everyone! My name is Shelbi McCauley and I am a Junior here at Sac State! I chose to pursue Speech Language Pathology because I have always had a passion for helping people and I love the various fields that we have an opportunity to have a career in. I really enjoy being a part of NSSLHA and having the chance to build such meaningful relationships. I would love to be your next Vice President because I want to continue creating and building relationships between all of us and the incoming Juniors. I am very approachable, organized, and have many ideas that I would love to bring to the Chapter next year! Savannah and I would really appreciate your vote! Stingers Up!



Caitlyn Keane

Hello, my name is Caitlyn Keane, and I want to be a NSSLHA Treasurer, because I am hard worker with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. As a NSSLHA Treasurer, I would want to increase chapter funds, without sacrificing individual voice. My four-year experience at Raley’s Supermarkets has given me fundamental customer service skills that I will continuously utilize in the professional field. Before joining the Raley’s team, I volunteered at my church for eight years and a food bank for three years; these opportunities have given me a passion for helping others and dedicating time to ensuring inclusivity. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, playing tennis, and spending time with friends and family.  

Elle Randall

Julisa Sanchez

Felica Tetz

My name is Elle Randall and I am running for your 2020/2021 NSSLHA Treasurer alongside my partner, Julisa Sanchez. Outside of school, I enjoy hiking, soccer, and art and crafts projects. Beyond the required tasks for this position, Julisa and I have the shared goal to make NSSLHA inclusive to all students and empower marginalized or underrepresented groups. I plan to use this role as an officer to not only work “behind the scenes”, but actively and transparently engage with members to ensure proper financial handling within the chapter. 

Thank you in advance for the consideration; I am confident that Julisa and I will go above and beyond as your Sac State NSSLHA treasurers. 


My name is Julisa Sanchez and I’m running for Treasurer of the Sacramento State NSSHLA Chapter. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking with friends, cooking, and exploring the world of podcasts. My goal as treasurer is to provide financial coordination that helps current and future NSSHLA members. My plan is to promote a welcoming group dynamic and fundraise for events that provide learning and career opportunities for the chapter. I plan on being of service for our NSSLHA chapter by increasing our capital. I will be prioritizing a sense of community.

Hello everyone! My name is Felicia and I am incredibly excited to run for the treasurer position with Caitlyn Keane. I am an upbeat and energetic spirit with a lengthy background in finance, accounting and event planning. My goal as an officer is to offer support and guidance to incoming juniors and cultivate an inclusive learning environment for all students. More specifically, as Treasurer, I plan to find new creative ways to increase revenue for the NSSLHA chapter to further benefit NSSLHA members. With more than 5 years of customer service, budget management and investing experience, I am excited and well prepared to take on this important position.

Ruthie Witherwax

My name is Ruthie Witherwax and I am a transfer student from Sierra College, an animal lover, and an activist. I am running for Treasurer because I genuinely love math and I have so many ideas for fundraising. As treasurer, I plan on creating more fundraising opportunities for CSAD students who cannot afford the NSSHLA fees but still want to join. I have a lot of experience in budgeting because I am only working weekends at a minimum wage job while going to school. I am dedicated to succeeding in school and helping others succeed as well. A vote for me is a vote for your voice to be heard.

SHDG Outreach Coordinator

Savannah Carter

Hello everyone, my name is Savannah Carter, and I am currently running for Speech and Hearing Diversity Group's Outreach Coordinator. I want to foster a sense of community in our undergraduate experience, as well as, advocate for all identities. We are going into a field where we need to be not only competent of various cultures but also personal identities as well. It is my mission to advocate for all and make these unique identities a priority in our undergraduate experience. If my views seem to align with yours I hope you will look to me -- Savannah C. for SHDG Outreach Coordinator! 

Cristina Lopez

Hello everyone! I’m running for SHDG Outreach Coordinator as I’m extremely passionate about

informing myself and others about diversity and different backgrounds within the speech-

pathology field. My hope is that everyone will feel represented and that their voices will be

acknowledged and heard. I’m hard-working, creative and truly want to strive to make others feel welcomed and appreciated for their individuality.

Their campaigns

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Disclaimer:  Some candidates have chosen to campaign together, as they think they'd make a good team! However, when voting, every candidate will be chosen independently.

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