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Participation hours and Events

* 0.5 hour is obtained based on entire donation - not per item
Monthly General Meetings 
Holidays in the Clinic
Audiology Socials
Developmental Brown Bags
* max. of 2 hours per semester

Why Participate?

Hours obtained at both SPMG and NSSLHA related events collectively count toward reaching your minimum requirement of 5 participation hours per semester.
A Certificate of Participation will be awarded to each NSSLHA member who reaches 5 or more participation hours. It is not mandatory that all NSSLHA members obtain 5 hours to maintain membership, but it is heavily encouraged, as your involvement will be reflected positively in your graduate school applications!
Certificates of Participation for hours (+5) completed in Fall '20 will be distributed at the 1st General Meeting of the Spring '21 semester.
For any questions, comments or concerns regarding hours*, please contact: 
For SHDG related events, please contact:
* Please refer to the guidelines listed below before contacting the Secretaries!

Participation Hours Guidelines

As a NSSLHA and SPMG team, we came up with a system to reward those that have been participating in our events and meetings throughout the semester. We will be giving out Certificates of Participation in each semester. To receive a certificate of participation, you must have attended at least 5 hours of events or monthly meetings from NSSLHA or SPMG. We have all of our volunteers sign in to each event so we'll know who was able to come and mark off hours! For events that are held outside of NSSLHA/SPMG but are advertised in our weekly emails, you can receive hours by filling out and submitting our Volunteer Form found under the "Get Involved" and "Forms" tab. 

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