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Csus in the spotlight

Chapter Awards
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Member Awards
Graduate student Ashley Stone has been awarded the Student Legislative Advocacy Commendation Award for 2019! Congrats Ashley!
Graduate student Maram Abed is the recipient of the Outstanding Student of the Year Award for 2019! Congratulations Maram and keep up the hard work!
Gabriela Award.jpg
Graduate student Gabriela Buckhalter is the recipient of the National NSSLHA Member Honors - Legislative Liaison Award 2018. Amazing work Gabriela!
Professor Heather Thompson, PhD is the recipient of the Making Waves Award 2018 Chapter Faculty Advisor. Thank you Dr. Thompson! 
Alumni Brittany Hernandez has been nominated for the CSUS Women of Influence Award!
Chistina Ibarra.jpg
Graduate student Christina Ibarra is the recipient of the National NSSLHA Association, 2017 NSSLHA Member Honors Legislative Liaison of the Year Award!
Codi Rose Burns, who was previousy the National NSSLHA SLP SSO and is now a graduate student at CSUS, was published in the Winter 2018 edition of CSHA Magazine. She discussesd the impact that the CSUS chapter of NSSLHA had on her, as well as other students.

Sara Berianti-Atiyat, had her article published by National NSSLHA last week! In her article, she explores the importance of considering the linguistic backgrounds of culturally diverse communities. Click here to read more about the solutions Sara suggests to combat this issue! 

Rebecca Delevati, published an article that was featured in National NSSLHA's blog! She wrote about the speech and hearing services she and her twin brother received, and how it shaped her career path! Congrats Rebecca!

Click below to read it!

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