Speech Pathology Multicultural Group

Speech Pathology Multicultural Group is a branch of the CSUS NSSLHA Chapter that provides students with a variety of opportunities focused around diversity and cultural competency. 

S P M G  O F F I C E R S

Ambreen Siddiqui


Ambreen provides guidance

and oversight as the official spokesperson of SPMG.

She implements and organizes member programs and events, communicates with our community partners, facilitates SPMG officer and member meetings, recruits guest speakers for panels, and collaborates with fellow

NSSLHA officers.

Kelly Horning


Kelly helps track member participation, manages SPMG's social media accounts, updates the SPMG website, organizes and schedules events, composes weekly emails, and communicates with on-campus organizations.

Courtney Gallion


Courtney partners and communicates with Sacramento State's English Language Institute. She organizes, plans, and presides over weekly Conversation Club meetings

and Language Partnerships,

as well as the

199: ELI course meetings.

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