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Please print out the following form to bring with you to any event that is not hosted by NSSLHA but has been advertised in our weekly emails. Please fill out all of the required information and get it signed by an individual who is running the event.

Once all of the above information is filled out, take a picture of the form and email it and anything else requested to:


Ruthie Witherwax:

for any events advertised in the NSSLHA emails.


Savannah Carter:

for any events advertised in the SHDG emails.

Media Release Form 

All members must fill out our Media Release Form in order to complete their membership registration in NSSLHA at Sac State! This form essentially allows NSSLHA to post pictures or videos of NSSLHA events on our website, Facebook , and Instagram! Fill out the Google Form by clicking on the button down below! 

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